Beever uses colors to imply that his work has come to life or to at  least give viewers that insight or point of view that for a second they could believe that what they are seeing may be real.


Banksy rarely uses colors. He often incorporates a single color i a specific place in order to attract your attention to a specific portion or area of a work.

Beever’s works customarily use the public surfaces of busy sidewalks ,parkground and in small cases the confines of particular efficient areas of a house or building.

Banksy uses large scale buildings and small imperfections in urban architecture to create a thought or idea

Beever’s works insist that the realities of the regular world could easily become a figment of reality equipped with extreme imagination.

Banksy uses images to cause you to think about the political aspect of life. His works often push you to question how sound and sensible the actions of the government and those in power truly are.